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Sport Gloves Superconductor Battle Scarred

37381.5 points

Sport Gloves Superconductor Minimal Wear

114783 points

Hand Wraps Duct Tape Battle Scarred

18727.5 points

Hydra Gloves Case Hardened Field Tested

38061 points

Hydra Gloves Mangrove Battle Scarred

21328.5 points

Sport Gloves Hedge Maze Battle Scarred

33000 points

Moto Gloves Polygon Field Tested

50430 points

Specialist Gloves Crimson Web Field Tested

58087.5 points

Moto Gloves Transport Battle Scarred

17145 points

Moto Gloves Spearmint Battle Scarred

29014.5 points

Specialist Gloves Fade Battle Scarred

40744.5 points

Hydra Gloves Rattler Well Worn

22171.5 points

Hand Wraps Spruce Ddpat Battle Scarred

20803.5 points

Moto Gloves Turtle Minimal Wear

104098.5 points

Hand Wraps Leather Well Worn

24750 points

Specialist Gloves Buckshot Battle Scarred

17319 points

Hand Wraps Badlands Battle Scarred

20083.5 points

Sport Gloves Hedge Maze Minimal Wear

113262 points

Sport Gloves Amphibious Field Tested

68947.5 points

Sport Gloves Bronze Morph Field Tested

43044 points

Bloodhound Gloves Charred Minimal Wear

51327 points

Driver Gloves Convoy Well Worn

20866.5 points

Specialist Gloves Foundation Minimal Wear

76135.5 points

Specialist Gloves Foundation Battle Scarred

26406 points