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Cosmic Rocket Boots

4060.5 points

Meta Grass Skirt

3489 points

Freezing Rocket Boots

18646.5 points

Steampunk Grass Skirt

3771 points

Bubbling Rocket Boots

9075 points

Lovely Rocket Boots

5004 points

Melting Grass Skirt

10083 points

Shiny Grass Skirt

2970 points

Burning Rocket Boots

15039 points

Lovely Grass Skirt

4423.5 points

Energized Grass Skirt

24210 points

Melting Rocket Boots

7461 points

Electric Grass Skirt

3607.5 points

Meta Rocket Boots

5796 points

Shiny Rocket Boots

3903 points

Energized Rocket Boots

11692.5 points

Burning Grass Skirt

4125 points

Bubbling Grass Skirt

4659 points

Radioactive Grass Skirt

11767.5 points

Cosmic Grass Skirt

2503.5 points

Glitched Grass Skirt

2649 points

Aprix Bandit Leader Pants

159 points

Blood Sucker Halloween Bottom

1140 points

Blood Sucker Skeleton Bottom

1176 points