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Shiny Conical Hat

1455 points

Cosmic News Cap

1456.5 points

Freezing Jester Cap

1201.5 points

Wealthy Jester Cap

1396.5 points

Bubbling Jester Cap

1015.5 points

Shiny Camo Boonie Hat

1201.5 points

Bubbling Navy Hat

1155 points

Musical Navy Hat

928.5 points

Glowing Pirate Hat

1624.5 points

Freezing Sombrero

1476 points

Melting Navy Hat

1147.5 points

Freezing Viking Helmet

1827 points

Electric Crown

1656 points

Party Crown

2551.5 points

Energized Explorer Hat

1590 points

Pyrotechnic Explorer Hat

1827 points

Wealthy Astronaut Helmet

1113 points

Burning Detective Cap

1741.5 points

Wealthy Vintage Ushanka

3951 points

Burning Paper Hat

1564.5 points

Shiny Headress

1201.5 points

Glowing Paper Hat

1210.5 points

Electric Parkour Hood

1911 points

Wealthy Paper Hat

1906.5 points