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Festive Hat

18 points

Blue Birthday Party Hat

3 points

Yellow Birthday Party Hat

3 points

Glitched Fez

1437 points

Party Paper Hat

1263 points

Glowing Navy Hat

1789.5 points

Steampunk Pineapple

2130 points

Cosmic Lei

3976.5 points

Freezing Explorer Hat

1155 points

Electric Detective Cap

1390.5 points

Musical Sombrero

1993.5 points

Lovely Camo Boonie Hat

2055 points

Shiny Crown

1650 points

Burning Parkour Hood

1597.5 points

Electric Sombrero

1062 points

Electric Pineapple

2632.5 points

Meta Lei

3300 points

Energized Fez

2317.5 points

Cosmic Headress

2145 points

Bubbling Ushanka

1980 points

Burning Medusa S Hair

4822.5 points

Electric Explorer Hat

1798.5 points

Wealthy Detective Cap

1045.5 points

Blood Sucker Mummy Hat

1336.5 points