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Confetti Shuttershades

2835 points

Freezing Shades

2557.5 points

Burning Rose Tinted Glasses

4455 points

Bubbling Eyepatch

2394 points

Glitched Pegasus Horn

2896.5 points

Bubbling Rose Tinted Glasses

3588 points

Party 3d Glasses

8250 points

Freezing Rose Tinted Glasses

4036.5 points

Energized Shuttershades

21321 points

Radioactive Shuttershades

6178.5 points

Wealthy Pegasus Horn

3781.5 points

Cosmic Rose Tinted Glasses

4459.5 points

Meta Rose Tinted Glasses

7174.5 points

Melting Rose Tinted Glasses

4198.5 points

Party Eyepatch

3004.5 points

Shiny Pegasus Horn

6489 points

Glitched Rose Tinted Glasses

7590 points

Energized Bandito Mask

4177.5 points

Steampunk Shuttershades

1752 points

Cosmic Pilot Aviators

3300 points

Musical Eyepatch

1927.5 points

Glitched 3d Glasses

3847.5 points

Shiny Shuttershades

2503.5 points

Party Shades

4125 points