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Wyrm Rifle

232.5 points

Fight Like A Girl

273 points

Golden Dragon

247.5 points

Glory Sar

216 points

Hot Potato

817.5 points

To Hell And Back

217.5 points

Scorched Hammer

688.5 points

Frostfire Shotgun

369 points

Sunrise Hatchet

463.5 points

Bone Grinder Lr 300

249 points

Military Boomstick

301.5 points

Rebel Revolver

330 points

Ornate Axe

250.5 points

King Of The Jungle Ak47

105 points

Runic Ice Pick

360 points

The Reptile

201 points

Aircraft Parts Ak47

144 points


244.5 points

Pop Crossbow

628.5 points

Fate Destroyer

162 points

Iron Jaws Hatchet

253.5 points

Sublime Sar

228 points


204 points

Golden Axe

321 points