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Faded Sap

909 points

Royalty Pump Shotgun

307.5 points

Frost Hammer

321 points

Fire And Brimstone Grenade

201 points

Riveted Pipe Shotgun

315 points

Builders Guild Hammer

288 points

Widowmaker Hatchet

231 points

Steam Python

388.5 points

Battle Scarred Aks47

3048 points

Gunsmith Sar

259.5 points

Inferno Hazard Salvaged Icepick

289.5 points

Rustpunk Waterpipe Shotgun

325.5 points

Dead Fish Mp5

292.5 points

Fire Starter Sar

220.5 points

Ancient Gods Stone Pickaxe

471 points

Firefighter Hatchet

528 points

Survivor Lr 300

525 points

Modern Knight Shotgun

303 points

Junkyard Revolver

352.5 points

Alien Red

495 points

Artisan S Stone Pickaxe

439.5 points

Anubis Ak47

154.5 points

Checkpoint Sap

237 points

Refined Hatchet

202.5 points

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