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Burnout Pickup Truck

36 points

Flaming Skull Face Bandana

11 points

Macho Dude Halftop Shirt

6 points

Blue Camo Pants

14 points

Brainstorm M9

6 points

Pwny Express Military Backpack

215 points

Red Bone Body Armor

23 points

Desert Warfare Makeshift Armor

29 points

Tan Gloves

8 points

Leather Flannel Vest

14 points

Ninja Ar 15

1199 points

Moman Warmup Pants

15 points

Blue Camo Tactical Helmet W Goggles

1766 points

Wildstyle Riot Shotgun

830 points

Four Alarm Riot Shotgun

453 points

Brain Bucket

18 points

Henley Shirt

36 points

Rasta Face Bandana

1235 points

Murica Trunks And Kneepads

29 points

Gray Matter Riot Shotgun

201 points

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