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Hardcore Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Shirt

33 points

Toxic Ar 15

1779 points

Sniper Military Backpack

36 points

Hockey Mask

51 points

Ezw Armored Shoulderpads

10.5 points

Cdnthe3rd S Conveys

157.5 points

Muertos Sniper Rifle

108 points

Blackened Chicken Ghillie Suit

51 points

Rainbow Swirl Helmet

46.5 points

Dragon Conveys

60 points

Brown Camo Pants

15 points

Day Of The Dead Zeds

43.5 points

Night Watch Leggings

9 points

Green Bone Baggy Pants

19.5 points

Dragon Lodge Parka

45 points

Fanged Gloves

58.5 points

Whisenhunt Firearms Tanktop

6 points

Four Alarm Backwards Cap

19.5 points

Dragon Lodge Hellfire 4 6

30 points

Heavy Assault Body Armor

37.5 points

Heavy Assault Full Helmet

82.5 points

Nemesis Aviator Helmet

49.5 points

Checkered Past Goggles

10.5 points

Battle Royale Splatter Leggings

6 points