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Stattrak Trade Five Seven Flame Test Minimal Wear

103.5 points

Glock 18 Water Elemental Factory New

979.5 points

Souvenir P250 Gunsmoke Minimal Wear

330 points

Stattrak Trade P2000 Oceanic Battle Scarred

43.5 points

Tec 9 Hades Minimal Wear

123 points

Souvenir Five Seven Contractor Well Worn

27 points

Souvenir Five Seven Forest Night Minimal Wear

45 points

Usp S Torque Well Worn

118.5 points

Stattrak Trade P250 Supernova Factory New

475.5 points

Stattrak Trade P2000 Handgun Well Worn

121.5 points

Desert Eagle Midnight Storm Factory New

492 points

Souvenir Tec 9 Toxic Field Tested

154.5 points

Tec 9 Cut Out Minimal Wear

40.5 points

Cz75 Auto Tacticat Battle Scarred

70.5 points

Five Seven Fowl Play Well Worn

184.5 points

Tec 9 Titanium Bit Factory New

90 points

Stattrak Trade P2000 Imperial Minimal Wear

168 points

Glock 18 Catacombs Well Worn

43.5 points

Stattrak Trade R8 Revolver Grip Battle Scarred

42 points

Stattrak Trade Glock 18 Wraiths Battle Scarred

111 points

Usp S Caiman Factory New

786 points

Five Seven Case Hardened Factory New

943.5 points

Stattrak Trade Dual Berettas Cartel Well Worn

42 points

Tec 9 Avalanche Well Worn

85.5 points