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Bowie Knife Crimson Web Field Tested

16500 points

Karambit Case Hardened Field Tested

33000 points

Shadow Daggers Stained Minimal Wear

8238 points

Flip Knife Fade Factory New

25974 points

Falchion Knife Slaughter Factory New

17325 points

Bowie Knife Ultraviolet Field Tested

11589 points

Karambit Fade Factory New

70728 points

Shadow Daggers Stained Field Tested

7641 points

Gut Knife Autotronic Field Tested

14562 points

Shadow Daggers Scorched Battle Scarred

7678.5 points

Bowie Knife Marble Fade Factory New

33000 points

Stattrak Trade Karambit Doppler Factory New

66516 points

Bayonet Urban Masked Field Tested

10734 points

Gut Knife Crimson Web Field Tested

9051 points

Butterfly Knife Safari Mesh Field Tested

14359.5 points

Huntsman Knife Urban Masked Field Tested

8317.5 points

M9 Bayonet Scorched Field Tested

12663 points

Flip Knife

11632.5 points

Flip Knife Night Field Tested

10089 points

Gut Knife Urban Masked Field Tested

7450.5 points

Shadow Daggers Crimson Web Field Tested

10609.5 points

Karambit Gamma Doppler Factory New

69709.5 points

Butterfly Knife Slaughter Minimal Wear

40891.5 points

Gut Knife Slaughter Minimal Wear

11293.5 points