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Shadow Daggers Marble Fade Factory New

17848.5 points

Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet Field Tested

9703.5 points

Bayonet Crimson Web Field Tested

16345.5 points

Stattrak Trade Flip Knife Doppler Factory New

26665.5 points

Gut Knife Damascus Steel Field Tested

8548.5 points

Falchion Knife Tiger Tooth Factory New

18933 points

Falchion Knife Marble Fade Factory New

26070 points

Bowie Knife

11650.5 points

Butterfly Knife Case Hardened Field Tested

22243.5 points

Bowie Knife Fade Factory New

29083.5 points

Butterfly Knife Boreal Forest Field Tested

15682.5 points

Karambit Tiger Tooth Factory New

55947 points

M9 Bayonet Marble Fade Factory New

56203.5 points

Flip Knife Forest Ddpat Field Tested

9361.5 points

Huntsman Knife

13332 points

Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth Factory New

14544 points

Falchion Knife Case Hardened Well Worn

9555 points

Bowie Knife Scorched Field Tested

8752.5 points

Flip Knife Scorched Field Tested

8647.5 points

Karambit Forest Ddpat Field Tested

17965.5 points

Flip Knife Rust Coat Battle Scarred

9669 points

Gut Knife Fade Factory New

13029 points

Falchion Knife Slaughter Minimal Wear

13746 points

Stattrak Trade M9 Bayonet Doppler Factory New

44380.5 points