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Spiritkin Dice

423 points

Royal Dice

370.5 points

Rot Dice

550.5 points

Pridesong Dice

417 points

Rosegold Dice

366 points

Poison Envy Dice

4468.5 points

Ancients Gambit Dice

1363.5 points

Heart S Fire Dice

1645.5 points

Druid S Promise

1602 points

Jester S Ruse Dice

882 points

Houndsclaw Dice

372 points

Morning Star Dice

429 points

Blightfire Dice

792 points

Amber Swirl Dice

16.5 points

Boulder S Might Dice

69 points

Jade Smoke Dice

34.5 points

Lavender Smoke Dice

37.5 points

Teal Smoke Dice

36 points

Evergreen Dice

340.5 points

Bloodstone Fire Dice

132 points

Ley Line Dice

70.5 points

Oaken Glory Dice

247.5 points

Flint Dice

7.5 points

Spirit Solstice Dice

547.5 points