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Build Master Elyssia

403.5 points

Warlord Brun

327 points

Night Sister Zosha

355.5 points

Veil Lord Sargon

391.5 points

Forerunner Barnaby

319.5 points

Far Seeker Amber

294 points

Hakonsguard Thane

388.5 points

Wyldsinger Sana

289.5 points

Mustachio Mercurio

343.5 points

The Mighty Ghor

258 points

Shieldfury Magna

382.5 points

Wildlands River

441 points

Wolf Clan Skin Fragment

78 points

Rat Clan Skin Fragment

66 points

Rabbit Clan Skin Fragment

51 points

Bear Clan Skin Fragment

43.5 points

Spiritkin Dice

423 points

Royal Dice

370.5 points

Rot Dice

550.5 points

Pridesong Dice

417 points

Rosegold Dice

366 points

Poison Envy Dice

4468.5 points

Ancients Gambit Dice

1363.5 points

Heart S Fire Dice

1645.5 points

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